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How To Stop ChatGPT From Using Your Website Content

How To Stop ChatGPT From Using Your Website Content

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Bloggers and content creators are scared of ChatGPT since ChatGPT comes. They were scared by ChatGPT to steal their content and eat up their traffic and ad revenue. And things come true in a little time frame. Now CHatGPT can also browse websites. From now users can enjoy your website content without visiting your site with ChatGPT.

But you don’t have to worry there is a simple method to stop stealing your content from ChatGPT.In this article, we’ll learn how chatGPT saves your website content, and How To Stop ChatGPT From Using the Content of your website & why you need to stop them to steal your content.

So, OpenAI announced on 23 march 2023 to add plugin features into chatGPT. Openai company announced eleven 3rd party plugin name lists that will be added in chatGPT soon. 

Also, they share their extra plugins demo. ChatGPT was limited to the training data now can watch and hear(can consume data by itself from the websites)

Example How ChatGPT Plugins Help:

sometimes we were scrolling through food websites and watch what we ate already and from which place. Now, what can we eat and from where?

In this case, we will finalize a food item and wants that the specific item will reach us within a certain time that we want! Now there the plugin works start where the food website can make a plugin for chatGPT and provide our details like what we ate already, the place, etc.

In the case of this example, the web can normally type in the GPT command box that:

“recommend me things to eat based on my order history but not from the places I have ordered before and make sure the food gets delivered to me within 30 mins”

Now the thing to understand is that your order history, your locations that the website of the food already has and their chatGPT works start it will analyze the data that the food website gave to it and chaGPT analyzes your nearby restaurant, and there will deliver things within 30mins.

ChatGPT Plugins Announcement:

On 23 March, 2023 OpenAI announced 11 these ChatGPT plugins names to add:

  1. Expedia
  2. FiscalNote
  3. Instacart
  4. KAYAK
  5. Klarna Shopping
  6. Milo Family AI
  7. OpenTable
  8. Shop
  9. Speak
  10. Wolfram
  11. Zapier

Save Your Website Content From ChatGPT With A Simple Trick

So if you want that chatGPT can’t read your content and didn’t provide it directly to the user then here is a simple solution to stop chatGPT from using your website content.

ChatGPT didn’t use the bing search engine to browse the internet it has its own user agent with the name of ChatGPT-User and this user will accept the instructions of the Robot.txt file.

So with the use of a robot.txt file, you can stay away from this user agent on your website

Use this code in your robots.txt to block ChatGPT-User

=====CODE STARTS====

User-agent: ChatGPT-User

Disallow: /

=====CODE ENDS=====

With this you can Save Your Website Content From ChatGPT.

Note: Don’t change or delete your existing instruction in your robot file if you’re not an expert in this just add these 2 lines at the end of your robot file and your work is done.

Now you don’t have to worry the bot of chatGPT didn’t steal your website content and didn’t provide it directly to the users.

Tip for ChatGPT(OpenAi):

You must need to develop a system for website owners whenever you use someone’s website content you have to pay a fixed amount to the website owners from this you get more fresh data and the owner of the website also gets an additional opportunity to get revenue.


Why do we need to stop chatGPT from using the content of our website?

Because chatGPT user your website content for free of cost and you don’t have any benefit and GPT provide your content to users & stole your chance of traffic and revenue.

What are the uses of chatGPT?

Didn’t know how to use ChatGPT? It is an AI language modal You can use it with numerous works and use it as assistance to help you out.

What to do in my GPT There was an error generating a response chatGPT?

If you’re facing There was an error generating a response chatGPT .This issue occurs when the software cannot generate the answer to the user query. The issue shows up because the reasons of:

  • Incomplete or invalid input
  • Technical issues
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Model limitations
  • Data bias:



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