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HTML Hyperlink Generator

Generated Anchor Tag

What is HTML Link Generator?

HTML Link Generator is an online tool to generate html anchor tag code. HTML anchor tags serve as the cornerstone for linking within a webpage. They are responsible for defining hyperlinks that allow users to navigate effortlessly between various sections of a single page or link to external resources.

How to use HTML Link Generator?

  • In the “text” section add your keyword or word you want to add link
  • In the “link” section add your targeted link.
  • To add “color” select HTML color code and add your color code which color you want on the text.
  • To add “DO-Follow, No-Follow ” attribute to the link, select link attribute from the “Ref attribute” section. 
  • To open your link in new tab select “Open link in new tab”
  • Click the “generate” button and then click on the”copy” button to get your output.

Our HTML Link Generator tool has multiple options for you to add colors,choose link attributes, and more.

Process to create an anchor html

Input Data



What are the uses of HTML Link Generator?

HTML Link Generator have multiple uses:

HTML anchor link generators are specialized tools designed to simplify the process of creating anchor tags. HTML Link Generator  provides an intuitive interface that minimizes the need for manual coding, making them accessible to developers of all levels of expertise.

  • You can use the output anchor tag in html code.
  • You can use output code in the comment section or in the post section to get backlinks.
  • The output anchor tag will be used anywhere on the site where you want.