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WiFi QR Code Generator Free

Wifi QR Code Generator

Wifi QR Code Generator

Welcome to Wifi QR Code Generator tool that is owned by Topup Agency that is your one stop solution for Generate Wifi QR Code. The tool is for you as you are tired of sharing wifi credentials or because of security problems. With the Wifi QR Code you only need to scan the QR code to connect to the wifi device no need to find and enter passwords.

What is a Wifi QR code generator?

A wifi qr code generator used to generate QR code that people can scan to connect the wifi network directly(without entering any information manually).That QR contains the whole information of the wifi network like the name of Network,password and Security Type.

The Advantages Of Wifi QR Code Generator

Wifi QR Codes has multiple benefits for the users and also for the network owner:

Quick and easy:

With the simple QR scan users can directly join the network without entering the information by hand(manually).

Simplified sharing credentials:

With Wifi QR code no need to tell wifi password to anyone,this is the easiest way to share network information in-house or in public places.

User experience:

A QR Code provides a seamless and user friendly way to connect to wifi networks.


Who can use wifi QR Code Generator Free:

  • Friends and family

  • Airbnbs or rentals

  • Restaurants or cafes

  • Government offices

  • Hospitals or clinics

  • Cities (tourism offices, public parks, meeting spots)

Friends and family

When family and friends visit your home or they want to connect to the internet with your wifi network and it’s difficult to tell password everyone and to select your wifi network from the list here’s the wifi qr code helps user to connect to the router directly with just a single scan.


If you have a rental property then it’s a great idea to to use a wifi qr code to share the network with the guests or visitors they can simply scan the qr to connect.

Restaurants or cafes

In the restaurants and cafes most of the customers asked for the wifi password to pay online bills or for other reasons than you have to show the qr code to give them access to the internet.

Government offices

In the government offices there are many waiting lines for the users and at the time users are mostly bored. Here you can give them a copy of qr code at the wall or anywhere where they can scan the code and connect wifi for the uses like,media,download documents etc.

Hospitals or clinics

Waiting at the clinics and hospitals can be stressful.The internet can be a wonderful way to keep your patients and their families distracted.

Cities (tourism offices, public parks, meeting spots)


In the city, adding a wifi in public places makes it more inviting for tourists and locals to visit and hang out.They will easily access the GPS,find places etc.


How To Generate A QR Code To Connect To Wi-Fi Network?

Generate wifi qr code with Topup Agency platform with these steps:

  1. Fill the wifi SSID information(Network Name)
  2. Enter your wifi network password
  3. Select the security type/WPA,WEP, or with no password
  4. After filling the necessary network information click on the “Generate WiFi QR Code” Button.
  5. After generating wifi QR Code click on the “Download QR Code” button to download the image directly.

What if the QR Code image is not downloading directly?

If the Wifi QR Code image is not downloading directly you can follow the steps to download file 

For Computer:

  • Hove mouse cursor on the image 
  • Right click on the image
  • Select save image as and download 

For Mobile:

  • Long press on the generated image
  • select the save button and done

Process of Wifi QR Code Generator

Input Data



Wifi QR Code Generator without password

A Wifi QR Code Generator without password refers to a tool that creates QR codes for wifi network access without including the actual password in the QR code.

Typically, when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need to enter a password to gain access. However, with a password-free WiFi QR Code Generator, the generated QR code contains the network’s information but excludes the password.

FAQ's of Wifi QR Code Generator

Why Topup Agency Is The Best QR Code Generator For Wi-Fi Password?

When it comes to generating QR Code For Wifi our Free Wifi QR Code Generator is the best choice because of user friendly interface,reliable support and easy to use.

Why should I use a wifi QR code?

If you don’t want to share credentials of your wifi network simply make a Wifi QR Code copy and paste it anywhere to anyone to join the wifi network directly without entering the information.

What information is stored in a wifi QR code?

The Wifi QR Code contains three information to allow devices to connect seamlessly:Network name,password,security type/ (WEP,WPA2, or no password).

My WiFi network is hidden, can I still create a QR Code?

Yes of course! just click on the hidden checkbox and fill the other information to generate wifi qr code.