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What is URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener is a tool to reduce the length of the url. This is the technique on the WWW (world wide web) in which a uniform resource locator may be substantially shorter and still direct to the required page.

When you use a URL shortener, that tool converts the original URL into a short and compact URL. This shortened URL again represents the original URL, but uses fewer characters and presents it in a better way.

Using URL shorteners tool can help you easily send long web addresses to others when sharing them on social media, in chat messages, or anywhere else. Apart from this, URL shorteners also provide tracking and analytics, so you can see how many people are clicking on your link.

URL Shortener

How URL Shorteners Works:

Here is the step by step explanation of URL shorteners.

  • Input Original URL: 

Users input the long url in the shortener field to shorten the original URL(link) they want to short.

  • Generate Shortened URL: 

When you click on the generate button. The tool generates the unique url for you, from the long url you provided.

  • Redirect System: 

When users click on the shortened url that is generated by the url shortener tool they are automatically redirected to the original long url.

  • Analytics and Tracking:

Many of the url shortener tools also provide analytics and tracking features to track the url. Like how many users click on the url ,their location, and other relevant data.

  • Customize the URL: 


Some of the url shortener tools allow users to customize the shortened url to make it more reflective and memorable of the content it points to.

Process to Short URL

Input Long URL



Is our URL Shortener free?

Yes, we are providing a 100% free URL Shortener tool online for our users to enjoy our free service.

Are there limitations to URL shorteners?

No, our Best URL Shortener doesn’t have any limit or shortening urls plus we are also offering to short multiple url shortener service free of cost, on the other hand some url shorteners may have limitations on the number of urls you can shorten.

How do I shorten links in bulk?

If you want to short multiple links at once don’t worry or multiple url shorteners can solve your problem and allow users to short multiple urls in one click.