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See Instagram followers in chronological order (2024):How?

Yes. To See Instagram followers in chronological order, navigate to the Get Instagram post page or comment. When they open their followers’ list, Instagram shows it in chronological order, so the newest to oldest followers are displayed from top to bottom.

In this Big era of social media, people like to use Instagram to share their photos and videos. But sometimes it’s most tricky to see your followers in the order they followed you on Instagram

So, let’s see here how you can do this:

Understand How Instagram Works:

A few years ago, Instagram showed the newest post for the first ever. After an update Instagram algorithm decides what it shows you first because of this, things are not shown as they are posted.

Arrange your following list chronologically

Step 1 Use other apps to see Instagram followers in chronological order

Some apps can help you to see Instagram followers in chronological order even if they are not a part of Instagram but it gives fascinating information about your account.

Examples of applications:

Be careful while trying this. Some of these apps violate Instagram rules and are not safe to use. Before using, always check these applications.


One of the best applications is Sprout Social. It is ranked #1 Best Overall Software 2024 by G2


You’ve just discovered how to view your recent Instagram followers! We covered several excellent solutions to help you reach your objective, whether you want to spy on rivals or find out who your Instagram account’s recent followers are.

The Instagram app is simple to use and provides many of the features you need, including the ability to locate new followers for your account. However, if you want a bit extra, your best option could be to use third-party software like Sprout Social or another one.


Unified Inbox: Sprout Social combines all of your mentions, messages, and comments from social media into a single inbox, which simplifies platform-to-platform communication management.

Scheduling Tools: You may save time and guarantee consistent content delivery by prescheduling posts on many social media sites.

Analytics and Reporting: Sprout Social helps you make data-driven decisions by offering insights into your social media performance, including engagement metrics, audience demographics, and post efficacy.

Monitoring and Listening: You can stay informed and react in real time by using the platform to track competitor activity, industry trends, and brand mentions.

Collaboration features: It makes it easier for people to work together by letting several people assign tasks, monitor progress, and administer social media profiles jointly.

Overall, Sprout Social simplifies social media administration by providing a full set of tools for scheduling, monitoring, reviewing, and working together on social media activity.

ig follow Google extension:

“IG Follow Google Extension ” There isn’t a specific extension, but there are various extensions available on Google Chrome that offer various features related to Instagram, including post scheduling, follower analytics, and more. Third-party developers develop these extensions and they have different names and perform different functionalities. If any user is interested in such extensions they can search them on the Chrome Web Store and choose extensions based on their specific needs and preferences.

Step 2: Doing It by Yourself

You can also see Instagram followers in chronological order if you don’t want to use any app. You need to struggle a little bit but it’s a more safe and secure way.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start to create a list: Start writing the names of your followers you can use any notebook or mobile notepad or your computer notepad.
  2. Always note time: Write down the date and time when someone follows you. You can do that after you receive a notification of a new follower.
  3. Keep Updating: When you get a new follower always keep that follower in the list that you create.

By doing all this struggle, You can see Instagram followers in chronological order.

Maybe this method helps you no need to use third-party apps or websites to see Instagram followers in chronological order:

To change the order, simply press the ‘Sort by’ icon located directly above the list of accounts you have followed.

To refresh your following list, touch the order you like from the pop-up bottom menu.

The accounts you recently followed will be given priority based on “Date followed: latest.” On the other hand, the list that begins with the accounts you have followed or are currently following is titled “Date followed: earliest.”

How the Instagram followers list is sorted in 2024

How the Instagram followers list is sorted in 2024

Keep Instagram content inspirations close

You can take inspiration from your client’s following list. You’ll find it at the top of your client’s following list. 


There are several reasons you might be interested in viewing your most recent Instagram followers:

  1. Interest in Networking
  2. Competition Analysis 
  3. Security Monitoring
  4.  Engagement

People are naturally intrigued. They are interested in learning who their latest followers are and how many there are. Second, if someone is trying to use networking to increase their reach, knowing who has lately followed you might be quite beneficial.

You could track connections by keeping tabs on your most recent followers. Check your most recent followers to determine the effectiveness of your material and the rate at which your list of followers is expanding.

This may also provide you with some useful information on how well your Instagram posts perform and which recent posts drive the most followers to your account.

In terms of security, you may stay informed about any questionable or undesired activity—such as ghost followers and bots—by keeping tabs on your most recent followers.

Finally, by keeping an eye on your rivals’ Instagram activity and list of recent followers, you may determine how active and successful they are overall by looking at their latest follower count. 


It might be challenging to find out whether other people purchased Instagram followers because it’s difficult to say for sure if a follower is real or fake.

When followers are purchased, they are frequently actual individuals rather than just bots. In addition, the bots that do exist are being trained to replicate the appearance and actions of actual Instagram users in a more humanistic way.

Conclusion: Understanding see Instagram followers in chronological order

However, in 2016, Instagram introduced an algorithmic timeline, which gives value to content based on relevance rather than chronology. Instagram doesn’t have any category or any easy way to see Instagram followers in chronological order, so there are some steps to do it. Instagram users use different methods, like noting their followers on a notepad or using other applications. After using different methods and knowing how the Instagram timeline works, users can have more control over their Instagram experience in the future.

As updates arrive in the future, there will be more new methods to find information. By using new methods and things carefully, users will have more experience about instagram and their followers management.

After being updated with these steps users will dive into the world of Instagram and they will learn better how to see Instagram followers in chronological order and get their follower activity better understanding. Better exploring with Instagram!

Faq’s to see Instagram followers in chronological order:

How to see someone’s most recent Instagram followers?

You cannot see this directly. You can use any other application or website to check this but be careful that Instagram user policy does not violate it.

How to get Instagram in chronological order?

You can’t get access to  Instagram in chronological order anymore. This platform is switched to an algorithmic timeline, It gives value to content rather than time.

How can I check who my girlfriend recently followed on Instagram?

Instagram directly doesn’t have any option to show you “who my girlfriend recently followed” .Instagram does not provide this feature to users.

How to see who my boyfriend recently followed on Instagram?

Instagram directly doesn’t have any option to show you “who my boyfriend recently followed” .Instagram does not provide this feature to users.

Does Instagram still show the following in chronological order?

No, the following on Instagram is not displayed according to chronological order. Platform Instagram has shifted to a timeline algorithm. It gives value to content rather than time. Therefore instagram determines the following order on its own.



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