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7 Best Tools for Email Marketing Campaigns

Introduction to Email Marketing

Are you considering starting an email marketing campaign but do not know which management platform you should use? Do not worry, as we all have been there. As the experts say, we should work for the company’s best interests. So, that is what we are going to follow. Jot down your brand’s needs and match them with the specialties of the different email marketing tools available.

One communication method that stands out from the others when it comes to business is email. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing. It should come as no surprise that more than 4 billion prefer email as their primary method of business communication. Because of its blazing speed and seamless cross-border and cross-time zone functionality, email practically makes your organisation globally accessible to customers.

So, we are here to make your work easier by telling you about the top six tools for email marketing campaigns. Moreover, we also have pointed out the criteria you should look forward to while choosing. Let us get started!

Criteria for Selecting the Best Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing helps you to interact with your audience, create bonds, and increase sales economically and effectively. But the world of email marketing is highly competitive, and it might not be easy to pick one. You should always consider the various criteria while choosing the ideal platform to meet your needs. 

Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right one from the best tools for email marketing.

User interface and usability

What we are looking for is a user-friendly email marketing platform. The best tools for email marketing are the ones whose interfaces are simple to navigate and easy to use to manage subscribers and generate and manage emails. Ensure the tool offers a responsive email template to make your message appear exceptional on different devices.


Always consider your company’s current and future needs while making your decision. Email marketing platforms charge you based on the number of subscribers and emails delivered each month. Therefore, examine the price catalog that fits your needs and budget. 

Rates of deliverability

Rates of deliverability mean the number of emails successfully delivered that are not bounced off to the spam folder. For a successful email campaign, the emails should reach the subscriber’s inbox, not anywhere else. The best tools for email marketing avoid spam filters and achieve a high rate of deliverability.

Capabilities for automation

Every marketing activity aims to save time and improve efficiency using a strong automation feature. Scheduling and delivering emails on predetermined timings is what we should look for. These features include automated welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and drip campaigns. 

Options for integration

Look for tools with integrated programs such as CRM software, e-commerce platforms, and analytic tools. These programs are highly effective for email marketing agency, providing seamless connectivity with the audience and data synchronisation. 

Reporting and analytics

The best tools for email marketing can run tests to improve the content and strategy of your emails. Measuring the effectiveness of the email campaign requires reporting and in-depth analysis. So, choose the tool that serves your insightful data on subscriber behaviour, conversion, and open rates.

Customer service

Lastly, choose an email marketing tool that promptly solves your problems and queries. Look for support features like live chat, phone help, email support, etc., while narrowing down your choices. After all, you need software that is there to support you in good as well as bad times.

Getting advice from relatable brands is good, but remember, the right tool for them may differ from yours. Choose one of the best tools for email marketing by measuring your requirements and marketing ideas. And remember to utilize the free trial sessions before settling for one. Having the best-suited tool can take your business to new heights. So, take your time and choose wisely.

What are the best tools for email marketing?  

As we said earlier, the market has so many tools that it gets chaotic. So, we have listed the 7 best of the best tools for email marketing campaigns. Read the next section to analyze which is the best tools for email marketing:


An AI-powered platform that does it all: send emails, manage contacts, gather leads, and automate marketing campaigns. Use trigger-based, effective marketing automation and data-driven email marketing to engage customers at every point of their lifecycle.


SendMails is undoubtedly a very sophisticated email marketing tool. One of SendMails’ greatest features is its ability to connect to an infinite number of SMTP servers. At a small fraction of the price of other services, this platform provides an extensive array of features.

HubSpot email marketing

This is one of the best tools for email marketing. Recently, they launched a free version to support small businesses’ transactional email needs. With charging zero money, they have great features such as sending kickback emails from lead offers, promoting current campaigns, and even sending thank you emails after making a sale.

So, what makes HubSpot stand out? Yes, it is the integrated free-forever CRM and ready-made template. Upon creating an account, you can use the tools to make a centralised contacts database and track email performances and other organisational works.


It is one of the best free email marketing software with features ensuring deliverability. Here, you can create stunning newsletters without having HTML knowledge. With ready-made templates, you can customise emails for each recipient for a bigger impact.

This software has strong analytic features that report the number of times your email was opened and clicked on the links. Thus enabling them to build accurate buyer profiles based on their actions. Sender enables you to create compelling offers and optimise your email strategy. 


Sendinblue is an impressive email lead-generation tool. Apart from all the basic features, it can manage customer relationships and create landing pages. It has over 70 templates that make designing an easy process to produce an attractive email.

After the interface has been finalised, you can run features like segmenting recipient lists and A/B testing. So, with the use of Sendinblue, you save time and resources while successfully executing email campaigns.


Omnisend ideally stands to be a sophisticated e-commerce marketing platform. It is one of the best tools for email marketing as it integrates all your communication platforms in one place. It uses the audience’s behavioural triggers to set automated email delivery and tracks the admin performance while responding to customers.

Omnisend serves you comprehensive audience insights, by which you can send the most relevant email marketing messages. It has time-saving features like Product Picker that enable selecting products we wish to include in the email.


SendPulse claims to be a multi-channel marketing platform. But its email marketing features stand out the most with professionally designed and easy-to-customise templates. You can send custom-made emails at the right time using their predetermined scheduling features.

What makes SendPulse one of the best tools for email marketing is using variables like event triggers and customer behaviour to send responsive emails. Additionally, it provides an analysis of the open and click rates as well as the unread rate of each subscriber. Thus, this tool can analyse the audience’s reaction easily.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark is an email marketing tool known for presenting the best user interface regardless of the device. It enables you to effectively add images, stickers, effects, and texts across all messages. They even let you filter your template preferences based on industry, type, and occasion.

If you are HTML savvy, you can use the code editor to build email from scratch. It has dual features that enable the user to create and see the creation simultaneously. Thus simplifying the entire process of email marketing.

Benefits of using email marketing platforms for small business 

It does not matter if you are running a small business; you can still make use of email marketing. It helps you contact those who want to hear from you. Thus, these tools successfully generate readers, drive traffic, share updates, etc. 

So, let us know the benefits of email marketing platforms for small businesses: 

Personalised content

No one likes to read an email that sounds common. You need unique content to create your following. Therefore, use the best email marketing tools to stand out from your competitors. They shall help you craft perfect subject lines that resonate with your customers and valuable content that builds your brand image.


Emails with shady subject lines can get dumped into the spam folder. To avoid that, make use of the best tools for email marketing. They create content that matches the interests of your readers. Additionally, they make your email speak of your brand value to show the viewers that you are a credible business.

Brand recognition

When you consistently provide valuable content to your subscribers, they begin to recognize you and even anticipate it at times. Email marketing platforms for small businesses are a blessing in disguise. They make your audience realise that you are different from others and give you a unique identification.

Increased sales

When you execute every step of a campaign with 100% effort, the outcome is increased sales. Email marketing for small businesses can engage customers and boost referrals. The reader will likely do business with you only when they find your email content relevant and specific to their needs.


One of the effective ways to market your business is by sending targeted emails. They are universal and have a high return on investment. So, now you are ready to choose from the best tools for email marketing. Remember, the business environment is ever-evolving so apply your tactics wisely. No matter the email marketing tool, give your best quality content to your readers. That is how the game works!




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