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8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Are you facing challenges in lead generation for your business? 

Don’t Worry! There are some of the best digital marketing strategies that can change the whole lead generation game for your business.

Let’s learn about them and pick the one that suits you the best! 

Any business that seeks revenue and growth needs an essential flow of fresh leads. However, generating quality leads is one of the difficult tasks for marketers as there is huge competition in every industry. Whether you know it or not, digital marketing plays a vital role when it comes to lead generation. The complete scenario is about using the right strategies at the right time. If you catch this right, you can generate more and more leads and make the desired revenue. 

So, in this article, we will navigate you through the best digital marketing strategies for lead generation. With such tips, you can easily fetch more leads and fill up the sales funnel. 

Major challenges of lead generation strategy

As a business owner, you are aware of how daunting lead generation is. But if you know all the possible difficulties in lead generation in advance, you can easily craft a route to get results and overcome every issue without wasting resources. Here are some common difficulties of the lead generation process:

  • How can you create a lot of potential customers?
  • Getting qualified leads who are interested in your business.
  • Monitoring the results of lead generation strategies.
  • Correct usage of resources like time and money in lead generation.

So to tackle such challenges of any lead generation process, here are some best digital marketing strategies with tips and tricks.

Let’s dive in to know!

Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation: Best Ways!

Here are 8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Content marketing
  3. Paid advertisements
  4. Email marketing
  5. Website optimization and landing pages
  6. Collaborate with social media influencers
  7. pay-per-click (PPC)
  8. Referral Marketing

Use search engine optimization to get valuable traffic

Search engine optimization is a kind of big network that is difficult to solve these days. But it is truly a blessing for any sort of online business to have a good web presence. If you don’t opt for SEO leads for your business, you may not get qualified leads. 

SEO is an effective practice of optimizing and organizing the web site’s content with focused keywords to attract potential customers. Almost every kind of business is using SEO lead-generation tactics to beat the race in this digital era. But how does search engine optimization work for your company to maintain a great web presence?

Let’s understand more about it here.

  • You can drive organic traffic to your website and boost a great web presence which in turn gives you more and more qualified leads.
  • You can be the king of the competitive market as you can rank very well with SEO tactics. If you are on the top search results, chances are higher that you may get clicked as people prefer to click the top 5-7 searches. 
  • It helps you to get consistent traffic to the web platform. If you are capable of converting this traffic to potential customers, you can get abundant sales. 

Content marketing to boost leads on the website

The next one of the best digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers is to become a part of the customer’s sales journey. You have to make sure they can be able to reach your business whenever they need such products or services. Content marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to be on this path. 

Here are the few reasons why content marketing is important for your business.

  • With unique and informative content, you can attract new traffic.
  • Content helps to improve the search engine optimization efforts. 
  • If you provide trustworthy and unique content, it can build your company’s reputation too.
  • Content marketing helps to enhance conversion rates. 

Paid advertisements to generate leads

If you just have started your business, SEO strategies can take months to generate leads and thus sales. But if you have enough resources available and there is a time constraint, then paid advertising is the best way to generate leads combined with other marketing tactics. 

The two of the most popular and widely used paid advertising platforms to invest in are Google Ads and Bing Ads. You can get action-oriented solutions with these ads, like, brand promotion, web traffic, qualified lead generation, and business app awareness, etc. You can select from the available campaign formats as per business requirements and let Google or Bing do the rest of the work to display your product in the top results. Moreover, these advertisements only charge when someone clicks on the advertisement and reaches out to you for the services. 

Email marketing to be in contact with qualified leads

The next digital marketing strategy for lead generation is email marketing to target the customers who signed up for your newsletter. This enhances the chances of building a loyal customer base. One can easily meet the sales goals with the help of email marketing. Below are some of the key benefits of email marketing for generating leads:

  • You can give valuable information to the customers and enhance engagement of your services with them. 
  • It helps to make your brand credible and enhances awareness. 
  • You can turn possible customers into people who like your business a lot.
  • You can make friends with your customers for a long time.

Website optimization and landing pages

The digital face of your business is your website and this is the very first impression of your brand on the potential customers. To find exclusive leads for your business, you need to do website optimization and build a user-friendly online platform for conversions. You should make a website that should be rich with informative content, high-resolution images, CTAs, and testimonials. 

If you need to create a high-converting site for your business, first understand who is your target audience. What are their issues? What are their pain points? What solution are they looking for?

Once you understand their needs, you can cater to them through your website. For instance, if your target audience is homeowners who are searching for bathroom remodelers. You can easily convert these bathroom remodeling leads with the unique landing page of such a service on your website. 

Collaborate with social media influencers

If you want to enhance brand exposure and set up authority of your brand, social media influencer marketing is a good-to-go strategy. There are influencers of different categories, from macro to micro to mega influencers. You can collaborate with them as per your target audience and the budget of the business. 

This is one of the high-yielding methods in this competitive digital era to set up a credible brand as people trust their favorite celebrities easily. 

The basis behind the successful social media influencer strategy is to pick the correct person as per the products and services. The influencers should give honest feedback and reviews for the products. It will be good if they make tutorials and How-to videos for the services or products to get engagement easily. If you have enough budget, try to harness the power of influencers to generate exclusive leads. 

Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to attract qualified leads

Another effective digital marketing strategy is PPC or pay-per-click which you should include in the lead generation process. In this online era, almost every person uses search engines to search for products they are looking for. Google puts ads in front of people who are looking for the same if you invest in pay-per-click advertising. 

Many companies have a common doubt that PPC works only for e-commerce. But this is not right. Almost every business can use this tactic nowadays. Some of the businesses that can gain maximum leads from this strategy are B2B, insurance, or any sort of financial services, etc. If you use targeted advertising programs, you can gather quality leads and transform them into customers. So before investing in PPC, here are some things that you should consider:

  • You can offer a whitepaper, or any guide in exchange for the information of the visitor. 
  • Make sure to bid and pay the correct keyword as each click on ads costs money.
  • You can use call-to-actions/CTAs, and share the advantages of what you are offering. 
  • You should use catchy phrases or words to inspire the audience to buy or at least notice what you have to offer. 

Referral Marketing

Referral programs have their own benefits when it comes to beating the digital marketing race. The leads coming straight from the word-of-mouth market have the maximum potential to convert into sales. You can run referral programs in various ways among the followers. 

You can offer rewards to spread about your business or to bring new leads. You can also offer discounts to both the referrer and the referee. When you promote your business through referral networks, it enhances the chances of brand recognition and credibility. 

If you are not implementing this in your digital marketing strategies, you are missing out on 25% higher conversion rates. You can take these referral programs one step further by awarding your customers with redeemable credits or gift cards to use at the next purchase. They can further give these to their friends and family to spread the word about your products and services. 

Summing Up: start digital marketing strategies to get qualified leads!

So, that’s all for now!

We have shared the best tactics to do digital marketing for lead generation as per our knowledge and experience. However, keep in mind that lead generation is an ongoing process. It takes proper nurturing and patience to convert them into loyal customers for life.

Some tips to follow after starting digital marketing strategies:

  • Take consistent follow-ups.
  • Prompt proper response time.
  • Try to personalize the follow-ups.
  • Consistency is the key to winning this race. 

So, keep putting your efforts in the right direction, and with the aforementioned marketing strategies, you will get the result in no time.

Hope you find this blog informative!



Talha Shani is a Certified SEO Expert and website Developer with over 5+ years of experience, Graduated in Computer Science IT(information technology). Also a mentor provide training of Blogging, Freelancing, Content writing, SEO and Web development.

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